In the Grim Darkness of the far future, there is only war.

Forty years ago, the embattled border world of Granus Primaris sent a frenzied distress signal through the Warp, telling of secessionist revolutionaries and horrid Xenos incursions. The Granus system, rich in resources, had already been fighting a losing battle for years, but the tides of war had turned against it, and urgent help was needed.

Thirty-eight years ago, the signal was received by the Astropaths of the Administratum on Hydrus.

Four years ago, the report of the signal reached the desk of Lord-General Kerrik Van Dorlish, commander of the 98th Arlian Infantry. He immediately reached out to the commanders of several auxiliary regiments, preparing for war.

Two years ago, Van Dorlish’s spies reached the Granus system, and sent back reports of rampant heresy, consorting with Xenos, and even rumbles of collusion with the Ruinous Powers.

One year ago, Inquisitor Miriam Augusta of the Ordo Hereticus threw her not-inconsiderable influence behind a full-scale invasion, and brought the not-inconsiderable forces of Lord-Admiral Hadrian Aurelius with her.

The Invasion begins…


Or rather, years in the future. While some day Lord-Admiral Aurelius and his crew will assist the men and women (mostly women, actually) of Amasec Company, at present he is still a Lord-Captain. The problems faced by the Wrath of Zarathustra and her crew are somewhat smaller.

For now.

Only Rogues